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Spring Cleaning for the Mind

It’s that time of year, where new beginnings are upon us. Change is all around, and the energy is shifting to all that is new. The change of seasons is Mother Nature making a statement that we are always moving forward, growing and opening up to the world around us.

Like the seasons, in this present moment we are evolving. Even when our thoughts are stuck in our past or when we find ourselves worrying about our future, reality is all these thoughts do not serve us in this moment. Ironically, stuck thoughts only prevent our happiness, which is what so many of us are worrying about finding.

Mother Nature leaves behind yesterday as it was, and puts all of her energy in what is today. Each present moment is building to the next moment, and life is all about the baby steps that shape our future. If you worry about the future, then you aren’t creating the baby steps to actually build it in the first place. You can at most work backwards from what you’d like to achieve, but in the end you still have to start with making change and focusing on where you are in life now.

Our thoughts are like the seasons and through our awareness of this fact, we can create positive energy by clearing out our cluttered thoughts. GOMH is learning to be present, myself included. Whether you want to change or not, the fact remains we are aready changing, even if you don’t want to be. Our bodies, are minds, our energy is always moving and altering as we age.

In yoga they say move through your asana (physical) practice by allowing your movement to follow your breath. I feel if that makes sense on and off the mat. By moving and listening to our breath, we can stay present and focused on what we need today, in this moment. Are you holding your breath? Are you doing deep belly breathing like a baby would? Thinking about these little things, keeps your grounded this moment. Eventually your thoughts are no longer all over the place, because all that matters is what you are doing now.

In time you will see that this moment is what leads to our next. Just like Mother Nature’s buds lead to the flowers, and the flowers to the leaves. From one season to another things change and flow naturally. Just let your thoughts do the same.

We are not our past, we do not yet know our future. We are here in the now, and what is…is. Let go and life will take care of you, and happiness will naturally bloom.

Get Outta My Head!!!

“Get Outta My Head (GOMH)” is for people (like myself) who have a “highly active amount of information” always rattling around in their little heads.  I like to call it being a “deep” thinker…or in yoga they like to call it “monkey-mind”.  While it’s nice at times to have a creative, perceptive and idealistic mindset…at times it can also be exhausting and draining.  I hope to share my thoughts and ideas on how to minimize the negative aspects, while enhancing the positive ones.

I started this blog back in 2010 with this “GOMH” concept in mind, but really couldn’t figure out how to master it.  I kept looking, reseaching and challenging myself to find the answers.  While we’ll never have “all” the answers…I came pretty darn close this past year when I signed up for my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program on where to start looking.  The year program was a life changer on more levels than I can explain.  It’s also put me on a path of hopefully teaching yoga to others in person, as well as with words.

I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me.


Scanner – Renaissance Soul Here!!!

I found the book of miracles for people like me (and those interested in GOMH) called “Refuse to Choose” by Barbara Sher.  Everything I’ve ever doubted about myself or worried about was answered in this one book.  In fact I give a big thank you to Barbara Sher, as until this book, I had no idea there was an entire group of people just like me —> SCANNERS!

What is a scanner you ask?  Simple — it’s someone who is “genetically wired to be interested in many things” — a thinker!  It’s not a bad thing, but finding a career as a scanner can be a little challenging.  Scanners tend to not want to limit themselves by specializing in any one field or area in their lives, as they want to do it all!  So two reality slaps to a scanner are:  #1 – Often you feel isolated as a “generalist”  because society’s standards prefer “specialists” in the workforce  and #2 – Your multi-talented mind is not stimulated enough and usually you will get bored quickly!!!  (And boredom to a scanner is almost physically painful it’s that awful.)

In my case, my mind just goes and goes, the ideas keep coming and don’t stop.  In fact it’s the very reason I created Get Outta My Head!!!  I thought I was going nuts and needed an outlet; when in fact it’s really I just didn’t know how to use my multi-talented mindset.   Scanners tend to be creative people, and have a passion for many things in life.  In fact a large group of scanners are very talented and successful celebrities, like Will Smith or Neil Patrick Harris.

Looking back I could have been a “specialist”, an accountant to be exact.   I went to a business school to do just that, but not even half way through school I was bored to death by the topic.  I liked what I learned, but it wasn’t for me long-term.  I knew being a specialist seemed boring for me personally, but that’s what you go to school for right?  I ended up with a General Business degree and a minor in English & Humanities minor.  Until now I always was depressed that I spend all that money to be a “generalist”.   Since reading this book I now take great pride that I’m a generalist, and can now see the irony in the degree I ended up with.

I’m still working out what type of scanner I am, but if I had to guess I think I fall into either the “Sampler” or “Jack of All Trades” categories. In the book you can read more about the different scanner types, but a sampler is someone that likes to try on a lot of different hats.  This is mainly because the sampler’s main goal is to learn.  Once a sampler learns what they need to, they move on to the next topic and often never looking back.  This is probably how I ended up becoming a project manager, as I enjoy starting new things.   In fact my strongest skill is to research, and then share what I’ve learned.  Hmm, maybe I need to turn researching into my career!?!?

Lastly, the most exciting part of discovering more about this personality trait is it fits in perfectly with my blog.  This gives me motivation and endless amounts of content about being a creative or Renaissance Soul.    I plan to share more about my game plan with you in upcoming posts, so stay tuned.

Who knows, maybe it will even allow me to connect to others in the same boat as me.  So I leave you wondering, “Are you a scanner?”

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